Not All CBD Is the Same

Vediol Ingredients

Vediol Proprietary Blend (2-ounce bottle):

Hemp oil containing a Natural Entourage Terpene complex of beta-Caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, alpha-Humulene, Cannabidiol (CBD)*, alpha-Copaene and alpha-Bisabolol; Olea europaea (oil), TaurinolTM (Taurine ester). With naturally occurring cannabis sesquiterpenes, lecithin, & all natural flavor.

** Daily Value Not Established
* Contains 150mg/ounce naturally occurring cannabidiol.

Vediol is protected by one or more of the following patents and patent pending: 13/973,509; 15/144,039; 15/853,748; 15/986,515; 62/329,042; 15/582,007.